Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Tough Alliance

First off, as I was turning on my TV tonight I came across a show called Dogfights. After Michael Vick, you couldn't think of anything better to name your show... really?

I came across The Tough Alliance through their remix of Taken by Tree's song 'Too Young', which may still be available here. Recently I've made it my own project to go through some of Pitchfork's 'Best New Music' and see what they've been recommending, and I noticed TTA's new album A New Chance. After a few listens I started to get hooked on the kind of electro-beats that made me think about what it would've been like to date a girl who wore a skrunchy. That's my way of suggesting that they have kind of an electro/dance/pop feel to them. Highly recommended for anyone who feels like they missed out on the 80s.

Recommended Tracks: "Something Special", "Neo Violence"

Oh, and PS - I called it. Basia Bulat is opening for Hayden, which should make for some great shows through January in SW Ontario.

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