Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Mixtape About Nothing by Wale

Apparently I'm, like, the last person in the world to hear about Wale (pronounced Wa-Lay) and his Seinfeld inspired mixtape about nothing. And, since this is a complete regurgitation of a post earlier this week at Herohill I'll make this quick. Some stuff I find really cool/interesting about Wale and the mixtape about nothing:
  • Wale is the cousin of Chris Partlow - Chris from the Wire - and Chris appears in the video for 'Artistic Integrity'.

  • Wale is about to open for Jay-z on a few dates in the UK, which basically means that as soon as he gets around to releasing a full length he'll be pretty huge.
  • Oh, and the mixtape is free to download. Here.
[mp3] Wale - The Artistic Integrity

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