Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Easily the Best Music Video. Ever.

is this:

It's unclear what, exactly is going on here, but whatever it is it's spectacular. My favourite parts are as follows:

1. The way he strolls along (note the exaggerated arm movements on the wide angled shots).
2. That he looks confused through a good deal of the song. It appears that they asked him to lip sync without ever hearing the entire song.
3. There are no discernible words in any language in the entire song.
4. The part where he goes super high, like those old Kia? commercials (1:26). What really solidifies the high pitch notes is the spin and point that goes along with it.
5. And when they go low and he looks directly, meaningfully, into the camera.
6. The laughing at 1:53. I'm not sure there's ever been laughing like that in a song. For about 5 seconds straight, with the music.
7. The decor. Really nice job matching the wall cover with his tie.
8. When he gives up trying to lip-sync at 2:14.

If you'd seen this before and didn't pass it along... shame on you...

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Brian said...

I take it you have yet to see this music video?


Another gem from OK Go!