Monday, October 12, 2009

Either the PM is a lot cooler than we thought, or, he continues to be the creepy kitten eater we always knew he was...

When Canada's PM is not frightening (or eating) kittens, or hanging out and jamming with Yo Yo Ma, he likes himself some some good ole fashion "indie" rock... apparently. How do I know? Well, like many others, I subscribe to the Rural Alberta Advantage's twitter feed, where yesterday they tweeted "OMG! RAA on Prime Minister Harper's road trip mixtape (between Chuck Berry and AC/DC)". Uhhh, yeah.

I guess the first question on everyone's mind has to be, huh? Does anyone really believe that Stephen, or Steve, is listening to the RAA? And, presuming of course that this was the work of a clever staffer trying to score Steve some cool points with the Canadian 'indie' rock/music blog community... really? I'm not sure the Hype Machine crowd is going to go from not voting, or voting like most city dwellers vote (Green/NDP/Lib) over to the Conservatives because of a single trendy music selection. I mean, if we were really going to give Steve Harper (sorry, it's just more fun to call him Steve) an image makeover wouldn't we start with the big-sweep-side-part hair do? Maybe get him in a t-shirt?

Of course, the alternative is that the PM has actually come into contact with the music of the Rural Alberta Advantage, which seems, at the very least, odd. You've got to (or I have been) wonder how the RAA feels about that (presuming of course that we share the same - highly negative - opinion of our PM)?

[mp3] The Rural Alberta Advantage - Don't Haunt this Place
[mp3] The Rural Alberta Advantage - Barnesyard (live @ Daytrotter)

Edit: Hat tip (happy?) Rosie for passing along this discussion of whether or not Steve (continues to be amusing) Harper was lip-syncing or using other performance enhancers when he played with Yo Yo Ma.


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Or did he?

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