Friday, October 5, 2007

Iron & Wine "The Shepard's Dog"

Normally, I'm not a huge fan of Iron + Wine's ultra-mellow sound, but I re-listened to their 'In the Reins' EP after hearing the track "Dead Man's Will" on an episode of Friday Night Lights. (Aside: I think that the soundtrack for Friday Night Lights sets the mood for the show far better than anyother show on TV).

So after reconnecting with Iron + Wine through FNL, I've been through their newly released "The Shepard's Dog" a couple of times now, and suffice to say its probably the best singer-songwriter album of the year. The whole album is streaming on their myspace page, and its definitely worth a listen.

'Pagan Angel Borrowed A Car', 'Love Song of the Buzzard' and 'Resurrection Fern' are all highly recommended.

On another note, bad things seem to keep happening to K'naan. He explains the problems he had in a Sweedish nightclub in "KickED, PushED".

Also, if anyone knows anything, or knows anyone who knows anything, about public domain or where I can get photos to use here, that aren't going to get me sued I would be grateful.

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