Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Winks 'Birthday Party' @ APK

I first came across The Winks a few months ago when somebody at the local record store recommended their album. So, I managed to catch the aforementioned 'Winks' at the Alex P. Keaton last night. The band, as performed on Tuesday included:

Tyr Jami (Cello, Voice, tap dancing, sparkler - as pictured above)
Todd (Mandolin, Voice, Programming)
Soren (Keys)
Emily (Drums)

The majority of the show included songs from their last full length album, Birthday Party, which seems to have inspired the theme of evening. Apparently, they have a new EP called Chorus Girls that is going to be released soon, and while it wasn't available at the show the track 'Ohio' can be streamed on their myspace page or downloaded in mp3 format (for free) here.

Recommended if you like: Regine, of the Arcade Fire, cellos, catchy pop hooks.

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