Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Culture Reject "Inside the Cinema"

Turns out it's going to be video week here at the BM. You got the outstanding, outstanding, video for Kae Sun's "Lion on a Leash" yesterday, and so, naturally, you're going to get something completely different today and tomorrow.

I've had the chorus for Culture Reject's "Inside the Cinema" stuck in my head for the better part of the last, say, summer or so. You see, I caught about 5 mins of CR's set back at the Zunior 5th Anniversary Party in June, possibly heard him on a Zunior Podcast, and have been playing this video at least once a week since then.

I don't know much about Culture Reject, aside from that he is from Toronto (according to myspace), and that the combination of the picking on the electric guitar and the sort of echoey vocals (in the video above) are pretty sweet (I think I'm going to start using the word sweet more). More than anything else though, I think the best part of this track - much like Julie Doiron, discussed last week - is the way that these lyrics, while pretty simple (he doesn't use big words I don't understand), are smart; and rather than consciously trying to sound 'intelligent' or 'profound' or 'meaningful', the Bill Murray reference and the Eff Bomb fit, and they don't seem like he's trying to win people over (b/c indie kids love Steve Zissou) and who doesn't love cursing (except for parents)? Again, this is an album that I'd be interested to hear the rest of...


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