Friday, September 4, 2009

Pick of the Week #35: Diamond Rings

(Photo: Matthew Filipowich)

You probably don't want all the gory details, but I've been sick all week, hence, no posts. So, sadly, this week's Pick of the Week isn't exactly going to be as comprehensive as usual (note: usually they're not comprehensive, so you're not really missing much).

The first time I saw this video via Colin Medley (dir.)'s blog I said to Liz "it looks like the guy from the D'Urbervilles got into his Mom's closet" (jokingly)... kind of like the scene on Friends where Ross dresses up in girl clothes and hosts a tea party... turns out, it is, in fact, John O'Regan of the D'Urbervilles and his alter-ego Diamond Rings.

I wasn't exactly sure what to make of the song at first -- I mean, the make-up and the whole aestetic of the video threw me for a curve -- but I've definitely warmed to it, the Seattle SuperSonic (R.I.P.)'s jerseys, the eye make-up, and the whole bit. Most of all, the last couple of days while I've been under the weather (and feeling like Armegedon is imminent -- the airshow is in town) its been a nice pick-me-up. Basically, its a really fun song, so it'll be interesting to see what, if anything, comes out of the song (an album? EP?). In any event, it'll be a good tune to send you on your holiday weekending, presuming, of course, you don't have to work; but even if you do it might make you feel better about working...

"All Yr Songs" (dir.) Colin Medley

"All Yr Songs" (acoustic)

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Allan said...

I've said it before... I usually hate alter egos.

This alter ego has worked and Pitchfork becoming a fan from this video.

Regardless it's a decent track but I'm not sure I could watch the video more then a handful times.

Reminds me a little of Kevin Barnes and Of Montreal.

ack said...

What do you want him to do? It's a different style of music and it's not like the rest of the band is helping him out?

Kind of has to go with a different name doesn't he?

The R.O.B. said...

I didn't mean to be negative about it, just really wasn't expecting... THAT. And not that THAT was bad, in fact, I think I actually like the idea of Diamond Rings better than the D'Urbers...

ack said...

Ha ha... my comment was more for Allan. I just don't know how he could not use an "alter ego" on this effort.

Ha ha... but indeed, you have to love the retro sonics and hornets jerseys. It's like Kensington market exploded in the video.

Allan said...

I wasn't saying it in all type of negativity. Just saying, I usually hate alter egos and I never said I hated that one.

He doesn't let his alter ego effect the music which is probably the most important thing..

He could technically go with his real name? Nothing wrong with choosing your own name.

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