Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Miss Maya "Red Dress" mp3

Considering how often I whip up playlists on my iPod (or Zune, thanks Matchstick!) and how much I enjoy making mixCDs, its kind of bizarre that I tend not to talk about individual tracks. I mean, typically I don't have that much to say about a single song, but, I feel like there's a lot of stuff that I'm ignoring because I don't really have anything to say about the album as a whole (although you should note that this does not apply to Maya, and the This Refers to You EP -- Pick of the Week #32).

I suspect the snobbier, more douchey readers, might not appreciate Maya's brand of pop music. After all, "Red Dress" doesn't reflect on current events, its not about hard hitting news stories, and for some of you all it may not be "indie" (see the previous post here) enough... if you are one of those people I have likely alienated you already, and if I haven't, get a haircut. But, if you can get over yourself enough to enjoy music that's fun, catchy, and that you can roll down your windows and listen to while we still have a little bit of summer left, "Red Dress" is your jam... its kind of sexy... "Baby when you get home I've got my red dress on/No turning off those lights, I'll keep you up all night"... sorry, I'm sweating a little here... I should go...

[mp3] Miss Maya - Red Dress

Hilarious Sidebar: If you google "Miss Maya" the first link is this. That is NOT this Maya...

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