Sunday, November 1, 2009

Noah and the Whale @ Criminal Records. Oct. 31.2009

I'm a follower of Criminal Records' (Queen St. W., Toronto) twitter account and when I got up yesterday morning they tweeted that Noah and the Whale would be performing in their store in 20 mins. And since I'd seen the name (Noah and the Whale), but had never listened to any of their stuff before I thought I'd give it a shot. Although, there's the chance that I had never actually seen the name and was remembering the movie The Squid and the Whale (starring Jeff Daniels, good flick) or Canadian band Said the Whale (new record out now, very good, expect to hear more soon).

Either way, Liz got her Starbucks and we headed to C.R. to go check this unknown (to us) band. When we got there there was a pretty substantial line outside the store and not being one for crowds I suggested we walk for a minute and then come back to see how busy it was actually going to be -- we walked in to Urban Outfitters (where rich people go to look like they're poor) and then back to C.R.. It wasn't too bad. C.R. seems to be a little bit like a clown car in that respect -- I have no idea how that many people fit into such a (seemingly) small space.

At any rate, Liz was particularly impressed by the band and so was I. It could be that Brits (and their stupid sexy accents) just make everything sound so much more profound/important/significant. Perhaps a report on their latest album, The First Day of Spring, will be coming, but until then this video should give you an idea of their live sound (which is going to be better than any description than I could possibly right).

Noah and the Whale, duh.

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