Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Some Videos: "Camilo (the Magician)", "Raise Your Dead (Reprise)", "Demon Host"

"Camilo (the Magician)"

Band: Said the Whale (Vancouver, BC)
Album: Islands Disappear
Thoughts: I'm not entirely sure this song/video is representative of the album as a whole, though both the album and the video are pretty excellent. The song/video is power-poppy, while the rest of the album is decidedly more subdued, but if you were ever a fan of Death Cab/The New Pornographers/possibly Band of Horses at least watch the video.

"Raise Your Dead (Reprise)"

Band: Dog is Blue (Toronto, On)
Album: ... Makes Ghost Noises
Thoughts: It's certainly not a Michael Bay production (but what is), but it's a neat look at Paul putting together one of those cool dog skeleton art things... painting, is it a painting? Anyways, if you don't recall me talking about ...Makes Ghost Noises (Pick of the Week #28) it's a great singer-songwriter album which you should all buy from Zunior for $5.55.

"Demon Host"

Band: Timber Timbre (Toronto, On)
Album: Timber Timbre
Thoughts: This would've been much more appropriate to post on Halloween - seriously creepy sound - but better late than never!

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