Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Handsome Furs @ Call the Office, Dec. 21, 2007

So, it has taken me about a week, but finally a video clip, some photos and a few comments on the Handsome Furs show last week at Call the Office.

The show was a little unlike any performance I'd ever been to. Brain, Pete and I showed up at about quarter to 11 figuring that we'd be there to catch the tail end of the opening band, and all of the Handsome Furs set. However, there was no opening band, and so, with the Handsome Furs supposedly going on at around 11:30 according to the bouncer, we were left to talk about the merits of reality TV for about an hour.

At about quarter to 12, the Handsome Furs, (Dan B. of Wolf Parade, and his fiancee, Alexei) went on to a conspicuously empty stage with only a guitar, mini-keyboard, and a small drum machine. They were incredibly energetic, despite playing over 150 shows this year (so they said), and really appreciative of an enthusiastic, but relatively small London crowd. Since HFs only have the one CD, Plague Park (only 9 tracks), the set consisted of songs exclusively from album, save one unfamiliar cover. On the whole, it was a great show, as evidenced by the video - which I think is my best "cinematic" effort to date. And, as mentioned in a previous post, I really think the album is terrific, particularly for anyone who like Wolf Parade.

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