Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Sea Inside @ Call the Office

In the interests of full disclosure, I should mention that I've been friends with the lead singer of The Sea Inside, Geoff Callaghan, for a number of years. That said, I went out to see Geoff and the band on Saturday at Call the Office, where they were opening for The Speakeasies and Black Saturdays. In all honesty, I initially went to see them as a, I'm going to support my friend kind of thing, but after about a minute and I half I realized why their album A Beautiful Mess was in my rotation for a couple of months after they played an Engineers Without Borders benefit last winter. If you've followed along with the blog for a little while, you'll have noticed that I tend to get tired of albums relatively quickly. So, the fact that I kept it in the rotation I think speaks volumes about their work.

Although you can't tell from the video, The Sea Inside play the kind of music that is great in a small club, like Call the Office, but will translate well as they pick up steam and start playing larger venues. So, I would encourage you to visit their myspace, and if you like their tunes, pick up their album. This may be your chance to, get in on the ground floor, as they say. Highly recommended if you are into a more Rock 'n' Roll Coldplay, or early Radiohead.

More photos from last night (not from Brian's stupid iPhone):

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