Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Handsome Furs... they sound alot like Wolf Parade

I've been attempting to get through some music that's just been sitting on my computer today, so I clicked on the 'recently added' on my iTunes and just let it run. I got about two songs into the Handsome Furs Plague Park and said to myself... 'wow this sounds a lot like Wolf Parade'. Turns out, that's because Dan Boeckner lead singer of Wolf Parade, also does the lead vocals for Handsome Furs - who will be in London On on Dec. 21 and probably have dates elsewhere in SW Ontario around then. If you like Wolf Parade, Plague Park is highly recommended.

Hopefully some comments on Feist and Great Lake Swimmers @ Centennial Hall on Thursday, and my best of 2006 by Friday.

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Brian said...

I think I'm going to their show on December 20th here in the Big Smoke. I'll be sure to take pictures with my iPhone and send them your way.

Photographers note: The Handsome Furs have not found a way to travel back in time to play at Call the Office, they are in fact playing on DECEMBER 21st, not November 21st.