Monday, May 19, 2008

Here EP by The Golden Hands Before God

I heard a single ('Interlude') by the Golden Hands Before God via Matthew a back in, say, January and have been eagerly anticipating more from them. Jamie of the GHBG sent me a unmixed copy of 'Blood of November' shortly after, which was outstanding, and I've been really excited about the EP since then.

About a week ago I got a digital copy of the Here EP and have been feeling strangely compelled to grow my hair (both head and facial) out since listening to it a handful of times. They've put together the kind of blue collar classic rock album that makes you realize why Classic Rock Radio that plays nothing but music from the '60s and '70s is still viable; and why kids (and university students) are rediscovering this kind of music through a little game I like to call Rock Band.

'Communist Party' is the first single chosen by Pop Echo - the band's label - which, I think, is a good choice. I love the lyric "this ain't no communist party, you've got the wrong f--kin' house"...
Also, I couldn't be happier that 'The Blood of November' made it on to the EP, because its still my song of the year and has a kind of haunting, mystical quality reminiscent of Led Zeppelin.

[mp3] The Golden Hands Before God - Communist Party
[mp3] The Golden Hands Before God - Blood of November

They've got a couple of new (old) tracks up on their myspace.

They're playing NXNE in Toronto - June 13 at the Savannah Room - and due to a house warming/needing to find an apartment/I may be there.

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