Monday, May 26, 2008

Midnight Organ Fight by Frightened Rabbit

On the face of it I feel as though I should probably hate Midnight Organ Fight by Selkirk Scotland's Frightened Rabbit. I mean, it kind of wreaks of a holier-than-thou-uber-indieness i.e. completely nonsensical album title, and they have an animal in their band name... for those of you following along at home animals (particularly bears and wolves) are the new 'The' bands. That said, I've been listening to Midnight Organ Fight more than anything else in the last two weeks.

There's probably a couple of reasons for that: 1/ I feel like I've been a little bit of slump lately, haven't been looking as much, and therefore finding much new stuff to listen to; 2/ I listen to the Once soundtrack pretty frequently and have developed a growing affinity for the British accent; 3/ there are some really blunt-catchy-punchy lyrics through out the album - "Jesus is just a Spanish boy's name", "My trouser's seem to love your floor", "It takes more than f--kin' someone you don't know to keep warm"... and so on.

I mentioned the other day that a couple of guys are picking this as an early favourite for album of the year, and while I don't think its that good, its definitely worth your time.

Thanks to Allan for turning me on to them... see his post here complete with mp3s.

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Allan said...

I don't thin it'll end up as the top album of the year for me but it looks like it'll be top 5.