Saturday, May 3, 2008

Tales of Interest, Wednesday Edition: You Can't Feel Your Face After 12 pts?

  • A completely incoherent piece passed on to me by Rosie by Josh Levin on Gilbert Arenas (and LBJ), which criticizes Gil for taking an off balance 3 at the end of the last Wiz-Cavs game and praises James for passing. I hate love to say it, but Levin completely misses the point... everyone was all over LBJ for passing at the end of games a couple of years ago when the Cavs lost. So, it seems to me that most of the criticism stems from losing not from the issue of passing/not passing, but winning/not winning. I think the biggest problem at the end of the games is that coaches (like Mike Brown and Eddie Jordan and Sam Mitchell) call plays at the end of the game where star player X to dribbles down the clock and: a/ drives to the basket and hopes for a foul call; or, b/ drives and takes an off balance 10-20-25 foot jump shot with a hand in their face; or, the best case scenario, c/ drives while all 4 other players stand and wait for the kick out to take a semi-open shot. For 2/3/4 million a year can we not figure out a better play with under 30 seconds left? I mean, if you have LBJ, Kobe or, maybe Manu Ginobli this might be a viable play... otherwise... WTF?
  • I've been kind of getting into Why?'s (I wonder if the question mark will be the new exclamation mark?) album Alopeica something I'd been meaning to get to since I saw Allan's review a while back. Maybe this is a terrible description, but I'm thinking it sounds like - Eminem meets the sunscreen song meets hip-pop...?
[mp3] Why? - The Vowels pt. 2
  • One of the kids I coach played this for me the other day... its wicked hot.
[mp3] Estelle - American Boy ft. Kanye West
  • I'll leave you with this... Barack Obama playing 3 on 3. The best part? The commentary. ... and Obama walks on water, aaaaaand lays it in...

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Allan said...

Hmm I didn't think my review of Alopecia would have any effect on anyone. Thanks!