Saturday, July 19, 2008

New Chad VanGaalen

I feel compelled to mention that Chad VanGaalen's new album - Soft Airplane due out September 9th - if only so I can post his single 'Willow Tree'. A few other things:
  • I really like him, but just about everyone of his songs sounds, or starts off the same way that 'Willow Tree' does... maybe it's just me.
  • Seeing Chad at Call the Office a year ago September was probably the clincher for me to start this blog. I had a great time at their show, had a hilarious run in with one of the guys in the band where I told him something along the lines of 'you guys were great, thanks for coming to London', and he responded by saying 'I can't believe this many people payed to see a bunch of drunk idiots like us play our songs'. I recall the bands' banter being quite good.
  • I'm still convinced that VanGaalen's first album Infiniheart earned him the Polaris nomination for Skelliconnection, which was, in my opinion, a much weaker album. So, it'll be interesting to see where Soft Airplane comes out. By the sounds of 'Willow Tree' it seems as though its going to take a less experimental, electronic bent and more of the dark, cryptic, folky sound that made me really grab on to his debut album.
[mp3] Chad VanGaalen - Willow Tree

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