Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Continued commentary on the Polaris Process...

The actual short list:

Black Mountain
Black Mountain – In The Future
(Vancouver, BC)
official site | MySpace
Plants and Animals
Plants and Animals – Parc Avenue
(Montréal, QC)
official site | MySpace
Basia Bulat
Basia Bulat – Oh, My Darling (London, ON)
official site | MySpace
Stars – In Our Bedroom After The War (Montréal, QC)
official site | MySpace
Caribou – Andorra
(Dundas, ON)
official site | MySpace
Shad – The Old Prince
(London, ON)

Kathleen Edwards
Kathleen Edwards – Asking For Flowers
(Ottawa, ON)
official site | MySpace
Two Hours Traffic
Two Hours Traffic – Little Jabs
(Charlottetown, PE)
official site | MySpace
Holy Fuck
Holy Fuck – LP
(Toronto, ON)
official site | MySpace
The Weakerthans
The Weakerthans – Reunion Tour
(Winnipeg, MB)
official site | MySpace

Kudos for including:
  • Shad - one of my favourite rap albums in the last year - would've been a top album of last year if I didn't think he was a Shawn Desman clone until I actually heard his music.
  • Basia Bulat - another London native who is a terrific performer with an outstanding voice. Probably my most written about performer of 2007 - some videos I took at Aoelian Hall here.
  • Two Hours Traffic - who I've heard very little of, but are poppy and fun.
Wag of the finger for including:
  • Black Mountain - my thoughts here (hint: its not a pretty comparison to Gilbert Arenas).
  • Stars - which, I assume, must be an homage to how good Set Yourself on Fire was and not on the merits of this CD.
  • The Weakerthans - see above comment and replace Set Yourself on Fire with either Reconstruction Site, or, alternatively, Left and Leaving.
I'm absolutely shocked that:

The Acorn's Hope Glory Mountain missed the cut.

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Allan said...

Interesting analogy of Black Mountain to Agent Zero. I don't know what to take from it though heh.

I do agree on Stars' album. I absolutely hated it.