Monday, July 21, 2008

Roger's Cup... its supposed to be a play on words, I'm not a retard.

The Rogers Cup (Men) is on this week in Toronto and if you're a tennis fan, a friend/acquaintance/friend of a friend, Dan, has media accreditation through his work at The ATP Blog. He's got some really cool insider stuff - pics, videos - from the guys practicing at one of the Mayfair clubs (I want to say East?) the other night, and so if you're interested in following the tournament I'd keep tabs on him.

A couple of other tennis related notes:
  • Kyle did a Wimbledon round-up not so long ago, and in it he had a nice rebuttal to that retarded Bill Simmons tennis article. Kudos to Simmons for admitting the article was 'the worst he'd ever written' on his podcast (7/10). My response to Simmons here.
  • I'm watching Canadian Frank Dancevic, who I used to play juniors with, and I'm impressed with how steady and composed he looks. He looks like... a professional. He's going to really have to bring it if he's going to beat Djokovic tomorrow night.
  • Also, a note to commentator Brian Williams and the crew at TSN its 'Dance-a-vick' not 'vich', but it might not be Williams' fault because he might be Canada's answer the progressively more senile Dick Enberg.
  • Speaking of Djokovic, my buddy Richie sends this story from the other night at an ATP players party:
Girl: Are you famous or something? Should I know you?
Djokovic: (a little bit stunned, looking around - this might be a time to mention that Djokovic is hosting the ATP Players Party and is the number 3 tennis player in the world) ... have you heard of the movie Hancock?
Girl: Uhhhh ... yes.
Djokovic: I'm the executive producer.
Girl: Awesome!
  • Lastly, if you can't get enough of Nadal picking his butt... check this out.
My pre-tournament prediction: Roger gets his groove back, Federer over Djokovic in three sets in the final.


Allan said...

You going to be at any games? I should probably check some games out considering it's literally in my back yard.

Anonymous said...

I'm going down Wednesday (today)... possibly some photos or thoughts to follow.