Saturday, September 27, 2008

I like them, but not like-like... like, like a friend: part I.

Number 1: Winter Gloves About a Girl

Frankly, I'm not sure I how I feel about this album being given the same name as a Nirvana song, particularly one of my favourite Nirvana songs, and particularly since Nirvana was one of the defining bands of my generation. I mean Nirvana influence so many terrific bands like Nickelback, Theory of a Dead Man, Default, 3 Doors Down ... nevermind... but, thankfully, Winter Gloves sounds like the opposite of all of those bands.

With that (super elequent intro) out of the way, About a Girl starts off with a bang - 'Factories' - and, to me at least, kind of feels like it winds down a little from there. Not that the songs are any less enjoyable, but that the tempo and intensity of the songs drops a little, or that the energy hits me a little less, or something.

Really, I feel like I should enjoy this album a lot more than I do. I think it might just be that I don't feel like there's a real time or place for me to listen to an album that's so, for the most part, uber-intense and full of that kind of electronic-pop-dancebility. Maybe its because I, well not maybe - I do - live a relatively sedentary kind of life. Maybe this is also an indication that I should start going to the gym again... cause that'd be a time to listen to something like this... I think.

If I do ever make it out of my hobbit-hole hopefully I'll catch them as they make their way across Canada - since I'm pretty sure it would be impossible to sit, let alone fall asleep (not that I've ever done that while seeing Sloan) at their show.

My two favourites from the album the 'banger' 'Factories, and something a little more subdued - the closing track - 'Piano 4 Hands'.

[mp3] Winter Gloves - Factories
[mp3] Winter Gloves - Piano 4 Hands

Tour Dates, via their myspace:

25 Sep 2008 22:00
Starlight Waterloo, Ontario
27 Sep 2008 22:00
The Salt Lounge London, Ontario
28 Sep 2008 22:00
Babylon Ottawa, Ontario
1 Oct 2008 22:00
La Tulipe [Pop Montreal] Montreal, Quebec
2 Oct 2008 22:00
La Clairiere Laval, Quebec
3 Oct 2008 22:00
Telephone Rouge Sherbrooke, Quebec
3 Oct 2008 23:00
Afterparty [Pop Montreal] Montreal, Quebec
4 Oct 2008 22:00
Bar Le Metric Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu, Quebec
5 Oct 2008 22:00
Le Cercle Quebec, Quebec
8 Oct 2008 22:00
Hunters Ale House Charlottetown, Prince Edward
9 Oct 2008 22:00
The Phoenix Fredericton, New Brunswick
10 Oct 2008 22:00
The Manhattan Moncton, New Brunswick
11 Oct 2008 22:00
The Marquee Club Halifax, Nova Scotia
17 Oct 2008 22:00
Vinyl Guelph, ON, Ontario
18 Oct 2008 22:00
Grad Club Kingston, Ontario
19 Oct 2008 22:00
Wrongbar Toronto, Ontario

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