Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday Bullets: Sheeeeeeet

  • Today, or rather Friday, but I guess its still sad today... anyways, the writer David Foster Wallace passed away. If you are not familiar with DFW and you own a dictionary (he's wordy, but super hilarious), I would highly recommend picking up something by him. This is the part of the post where I vow that I will, in fact, get through the Infinite Jest, his 1,079 page masterpiece... eventually. Oh, and I suppose this - Presidential Election Season - would also be a good time to mention he wrote a really terrific essay on Rep. Presidential Nominee John McCain in his book Consider the Lobster.
  • Kyle's round up (in thumbs up, thumbs down fashion) of the US Open. And, for the record I still think, including Fed's win over Andreev, that Pete still trumps Fed as the greatest of all time. While RF did prove that he "isn't finished" and that he still really wants to win Slams (I loved seeing him get a little fired up), we still haven't seen him beat a top player at the top of their game -- Andreev doesn't count. Djokovic, who was clearly shaken by the NY crowd after his post-match stupidity vs. Roddick doesn't count, and neither does Andy 'I'm just happy to be in a slam final' Murray.
  • Apparently, my sources tell me, that the new TV on the Radio album has leaked. Suffice to say its no Return to Cookie Mountain (my #1 of 2006), and it might be as big a disaster as (for the record I was going to say Ike, but then thought better of it) My Morning Jackets 'Evil Urges'...

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