Sunday, September 28, 2008

I like them, but not like-like... like, like a friend: part II.

Number 2: Forest Fire Survival

I think the first song on Survival - 'I Make Windows' - might be one of my favourite songs of the year (for those of you keeping track, that's only the 18th time I've said that this year). 'I Make Windows' has an intro that, for the first 5 seconds or so, sounds almost identical to 'I'm Not There' by Bob Dylan, and while it deviates from there to incorporate some Fleet Foxes-esque harmonies (but not as pretty) it really nicely maintains that kind of nostalgic 60s/70s feel.

From there, 'Fortune Teller' kicks it up a notch - BAM! - telling us that "[They're] going to melt some faces, with Gatling-Gun social skills"; slows things down with 'Sunshine City'; becomes pretty generic 'Thru My Gloves' and then just turns into an all out disaster 'Promise'. The CD follows and becomes a disaster - I think mostly because I'd given up by this point - in pretty generic 70s rock fashion to the end.

So, I'm kind of stuck on this one. The first two songs might be among my favourites of the year, and are certain among the best album intros of the year, while the rest of the album - to put it mildly - is terrible. The best part of all this though, is that you can judge for yourself, since, the album is available for free. Here.

In case you trust my judgement so much that you're not going to bother, here are tracks one and two:

[mp3] Forest Fire - I Make Windows
[mp3] Forest Fire - Fortune Teller

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