Saturday, September 6, 2008

Waiting for the Sunrise by David Vandervelde

The last time David Vandervelde released an album (the beginning of 2007) I was very excited about it, wrote a very positive review, and then probably didn't do it justice on my Best of '07 list. However, it serves him right, I mean, who releases an album in January... really...

His new album, Waiting for the Sunrise, released August 5 is: 1/now right in my wheelhouse, so I won't forget it come December; and 2/a similar sound to his first Moonstation House Band, but seems to draw more on the 'golden age' AM radio feel to generate a little softer sound than his previous album. The result, I think, is a smoother album from start to finish, and is a nice sort of denouement to summer. I described his last album as being like 'Almost Famous II', but a little sadder. So, if his first album was Almost Famous II, this is the album that should be rolling during the credits.

Maybe Vandervelde is getting more attention than I know about; I think he should be a really popular artist for the 25 - 45 crowd, but for some reason he's a guy that not a lot of people are talking about - I don't think. Highly recommended album, should be a top-10 pick this year.

[mp3] David Vandervelde - I Will Be Fine

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Sean Wraight said...

I completely agree with you Rob. I really don't understand the critical lashing Vandervelde is getting for this release. I too think it's one of the best this year. It truly does have a sunny California vibe, (almost like Wilco's Sky Blue Sky) with a subtle tinge of grey.

It really is a great one. Nice to see you pronouncing it as such.

Good post.