Tuesday, October 21, 2008

808s & Heartbreaks

You all may have heard of this chap: "Kane West"... or is it KanYe... hmph...

At any rate, the new disc 808s & Heartbreaks is due out in about a month - Nov. 25th according to Amazon - which, I'll be honest, is the most exciting thing I've heard since I moved to Toronto.

Other than a couple of listening parties, I'm not sure anyone has heard the album in its entirety, but there have been some comments about how 'people are reporting that' it's different, weird, and how he premiered 'Love Lockdown' on Ellen, etc.. however, I haven't actually heard anyone actually say anything negative. And, I've got to say, after hearing the first two singles 'Love Lockdown' and 'Heartless' I think Kanyeezy might have a shot at back to back album of the year titles here at LOBM, which, would be an extraordinary accomplishment for a budding young artist....

The video for 'Love Lockdown', if you haven't seen it or still can't figure out how google works, is here.

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