Sunday, January 27, 2008

Hayden comes Alive! w/ Basia Bulat @ Aeolian Hall, London On

Last night really couldn't have been better. It started here:

the Town & Country Saloon where Elliot cleverly pointed out, it was surprising that we didn't need a passport to get in. This place was definitely in a different world, possibly a different galaxy (for those who don't know me personally, I tend not to frequent bars where drunks sing karaoke at the dinner hour). Serves me right for wanting to get to the show early, I guess. Although, I would like to give a shout out to Mike, Serge, and Scott for their takes on Elvis and Bob Seger. Your performances were.... incediary. Also, to the host, who reminded both Liz and I of Miracle Max's wife, from the Princess Bride.

Rather than screw up the rest of the post, I'll just post the videos - not great quality, I know, but as I always say, you get what you pay for. They should be roughly in the order that they were played last night. Oh, Basia played a couple of songs - the second one with this tiny little hammer on her autoharp, supercool - that I didn't know, so if anyone can fill me in that would be appreciated.

Basia Bulat


"In the Night"

"Little Waltz" (probably my favourite of the night)

"Unknown 2"

I Was A Daughter.mp3


"In field & town"

"Where and When"

"Damn this feeling"

"Lonely Security Gaurd"

"Trees Lounge"


"Weight of the World" w/ Basia Bulat

"Bad As They Seem"

Now, as I've figured out this mp3 hosting thing, I thought this would be an appropriate one to post.
Hayden - Message from London.mp3

Also, thanks to the young chap who was good enough to slide over to make the videos possible.


Sean Wraight said...

Great job on all of the videos. I am attending their show tonight and they were a fantastic primer for that.

Basia is a remarkable talent. London should be very proud.

Liz said...

And when you say: "you get what you pay for," I hope you are not referring to the cheap labour slave that did all the recording for you, or her equipment...