Sunday, February 1, 2009

Stop #1: Thunderheist @ Nathan Phillips Square Jan.31.2009

The original plan for last night involved Liz and I catching Shad @ Nathan Phillips Square then heading over to the Horseshoe for The Darcys, Bruce Peninsula and Tom Fun Orchestra. Well, turns out we got going late, went for dinner with my sister, and missed Shad, but we did end up catching Thunderheist (although, I suppose that goes without saying based on the title of the post).

Anyways, we caught about 6-7 songs before "we" got too cold, but what we did see was "stupid" as the kids say... or fresh... maybe it was fresh...

The long and the short of it is that they were super energetic, the dance crew - decked out in their 80s/early 90s gear - was awesome, and they generally rocked the party. They play great, great, dance music a la CSS, The Go! Team, and (presumably) Santogold although I've never listened to her before.

Their debut s/ted album comes out Mar.31 and I anticipate I will be picking it up, because at the very least it'll be a great album to run/work out to... probably not going to be my first choice when Mom and Dad come over for dinner...

Thunderheist + the Thunderheist dance crew:

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