Sunday, February 1, 2009

Stop#2: Tom Fun Orchestra, Bruce Peninsula, The Darcys @ the Horseshoe Jan.31.2009

Band #1: The Darcys
I'm not sure I have anything really meaningful to say about the Darcys music, which doesn't mean that I thought they were bad, quite the opposite really. Its just that their music is pretty non-discript rock/pop, and its kind of tough for me to pin down exactly what they sound like/who they were really influenced by. The non-descript thing isn't meant to be a dig... if someone wants to chime in here that would be helpful... having never heard them before I'm inclined to check out their new(est?) album Endless Water.

Three songs into the album I'm thinking that I can see people (B. Mr. Grosman, and Eliot if you're reading this) who like "indie rock bands" really digging this album, and loving the live show. The live set was impressive: they were tight, everyone in the band could sing, they rocked out, they had great stage presence and a great co-ordinated jacket-vest-and-tie-thing going.

Thumbs up for The Darcys.

Band #2: Bruce Peninsula
They were absolutely overwhelming.

I think I read somewhere - and I forget where - someone describing them as a force of nature, and that couldn't have been more accurate. There were 12 people on the stage last night each one playing, banging, hollering and creating this enormous wall of sound. So if the record was like being in a haunted country church (as I described it on Thursday) seeing them live was like being trapped in the church with no where to go (only probably less scary)... I really, really dug all the songs when Neil Haverty(?) and his growling Sunparlour-esque vocals were leading the charge... "Inside/Outside", "Shutters" and "Crabapples" might be my three favourite songs this year...

Just awesome. They have a bunch of SW Ontario dates so check their myspace.

Band #3: Tom Fun Orchestra
I missed out on, and I feel kinda bad about that... both Liz and I were absolutely wiped... but from what Bob (It's Not the Band I Hate, It's their Fans) Battams said he thought they were quite good.

I'd expect Bob and/or Jen will have some thoughts posted in the next few days.

EDIT: Bob has his review up now, see it here.

On a somewhat related note:
Also, I've got audio for "Shutters" "Steamroller" and "Weave Myself A Dress/Crabapples" from last night in .WAV format, if you're interested in hearing it I'll email you.
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The Darcys:

Bruce Peninsula


historyjen said...

Yeah dude, Tom Fun: holy heck, what a show! Too bad you were wiped... but seems you had a good night!

Anonymous said...

i thought the darcy's were unbelievable