Friday, February 6, 2009

Pick of the Week #5: The Antlers

Unfortunately, a quick one this week.

Its roughly about three minutes into Hospice that you hear Peter Silberman's voice on "Kettering" and when you hear the haunting falsetto come in it, sadly, makes me feel like I've been left alone. And left alone like, I'm the last person on earth kind of alone, which is really creepy.

Thankfully, mostly for my own sanity, the CD doesn't retain that feel throughout the other 8 tracks. It goes through a kind of ebb and flow, this rising and falling action with more upbeat moments (see: "Bear", "Two") but all along this back drop of the lonely, sterile kind of feel that is Bon Iver-esque.

The Antlers Hospice isn't out for another month (3/3), but for those that are fans of Bon Iver and Chad VanGaalen (circa-Infiniheart) this is an album release that is probably worth marking on your calendar.

[mp3] The Antlers - Bear
[mp3] The Antlers - Two

Sadly, it doesn't look like there are any trips up to SW Ontario planned, but we can cross our fingers and hope... and possibly send them myspace messages to guilt them into coming up...

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