Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Zetterberg & $$$, the RAA, Tradewatch ft. Chris Bosh, The Road, Golden Hands Before Blog

  • I'm not a hockey guy so I could be way off on this, but Henrik Zetterberg for 12 years? Really? You're going to pay him $7mil when he's 36-37? Really? I'm just not sure who thinks this is a good idea...
  • On a related note, Michael Grange of the Globe and Mail suggests that a Bosh for Aldridge, Bayless, (and I'd push for Outlaw as well) might be a good move for the Raps. And, I'll also add that if the O'Neal for Marion/Banks deal goes through - which looks less likely with each passing day - the Raps would have a really interesting team: Bargnani, Aldridge, Marion, Parker, Calderon with Bayless, Kapono, (Outlaw) and Graham coming off the bench.
  • I've been reading (and am almost finished) Cormac MacCarthy's The Road, which apparently has been turned into a movie. The book is incredbily haunting, but what's more haunting is that the guy they've got to direct the movie basically has nothing in his IMBD profile to suggest that he's going to put out something worth watching; which is to say that directing commercials doesn't really qualify you to produce a feature film of a pulitzer prize winning novel.
UPDATE: My buddy Andrew just MSNed me and was (outraged?) that I didn't comment on the Aussie Open final, particularly after I said last week that I thought Fed might be the GOAT, to which Andrew replied that the GOAT was on the court, but it wasn't Fed, and then something about Nadal winning #7 in May and only being 23.

Counter-point: Nadal may yet be the GOAT, which is to say, he may become the GOAT, but he definitely isn't yet. He's won 6 majors, one on each surface (but Agassi has done that), which, while impressive, still leaves him 8 behind Sampras and 7 behind Fed. Meanwhile Federer has had a stunning win loss record, has made it to at least the semis of every slam in the last 4?5? years? So, right now, Fed's got to be the guy that, when you get to chose a player to win a tournament to save your life, and you don't know anything about the tournament Feds the guy you pick....

That said, as I MSNed my buddy Andrew back saying that I thought that Nadal is in the MJ-zone right now where he basically goes into "there's no way this guy is going to beat me mode" and puts a Darth Vader-eque mind meld on his opponent until they quit. Simply put, he's playing the best tennis, I think, that anyone has ever played, but still has 3-4-5 majors until he's the GOAT... maybe Colangelo should have him sit down with CB4

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