Wednesday, March 25, 2009

An Apology

One of the really cool things that's happened over the last year or so with the Burgeoning Metropolis blog is that people send me albums, for free, because they think I'm awesome (or at least that's how I imagine it). Or, more likely, they want some exposure, but I prefer not to think so negatively.

Occasionally, I'll hear a band before they have many fans and I'll feel like I do my bit to promote some music that I think other people will like, and that gives the band a little bit of a bump. Maybe a couple of more people buy their album, go see a show, maybe they even recommend an artist to a friend... this, really, is the entire purpose of this blog (that, and so I can get famous). And, well, its also fun chatting with people in bands that I like, sending emails and getting actual responses from live human people.

Unfortunately, since I'm not super human (in anyway that's appropriate for me to mention in this forum) its gotten to the point where I can't/don't get to every album that's sent this way and that makes me feel bad (sad face). So, consider this a pre-emptive apology to the albums I get that I don't get to in the coming months, and a way for me to plug a few bands that I know I've forgot/haven't posted about/haven't posted enough about:

Dave Norris! (Ottawa, On) Exactly Off EP
I wrote about his first EP, affectionately titled The CD-R EP - mostly, I suspect, because he sent it to me on a CD-R - and I really enjoyed it. The new EP he's sent me... I managed to lose (and I feel like an ass)...
[mp3] Dave Norris - Come On, Lighthouse

The Rest (Hamilton, On) Everything All At Once
I'm not really sure what to make of these songs, the sound, etc., at times I find it really compelling, so maybe its that I just haven't given it a chance... there are shows coming up in both Toronto (Apr.24) and London (Apr.30), so maybe I'll make it out and that'll really get me into the record.
[mp3] The Rest - Everything All At Once

wordPEOPLE (Toronto, On) People's Eatery
I think the fact that I haven't written about this album says more about how lazy I've been about exercising than it says about their work. This is an album I would totally listen to when I run/workout/drive around in the summer, and I have been doing none of that... note to self: re-listen to this album in 3 months.
[mp3] wordPEOPLE - Keep Up ft. Louwop

Matthew de Zoete (Hamilton, On) Bottom of the World
This dude has "mad tour dates" all over Europe this summer, so, maybe you'll start hearing more about him... and with the whole Luke Wilson thing he's got going on, I suspect he is going to have a great tour...
[mp3] Matthew de Zoete - Warkworth Penitentiary

... and I'm sure there are others, so, sorry that I forgot you... again...

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Allan said...

I'm loving Everything All At Once. I kind of gave it a 5 out of 5 so yeah, definitely would recommend you continue listening to it :).