Sunday, March 1, 2009

Pick of the Week #8: Gentlemen Husbands

Gentlemen Husbands (the Greater Cobourg Area, On). Huh. I'm not really sure what to make of the name... does it mean that they're good to their wives? I think they may be getting an e-mail from this guy (me) to figure out what that's all about...

... I just looked up where Cobourg was (I mean, is)... and, it appears to be an hour east of Toronto... who knew there was anything between Toronto and Kingston?

... the EP (Something Along the Lines of 'A Lesson in Professionalism)... it reminds me a little bit of Cuff the Duke(originally from Oshawa)'s first album Life Stories for the Minimum Wage, although it makes me think that Cobourg is a much nicer place. LSftMW was, if I recall correctly, kind of dark/depressing/reminiscent of Oshawa, while the GH EP seems much more "glass half full". On LSftMW Cuff the Duke gives off this 'God, we need to get the hell out of Oshawa vibe', but the GH EP says to me 'We're from Cobourg, and we run this shit...' (ironically, on "Riding in Cars" they actually do say something like 'we need to get out of this town').

To me, this is what good music is about. Its about telling your story - whatever it is - and being honest about it. And the Gentlemen Husbands tell a really fun, compelling, story about: girls, blue collar work, drinking, and being young in the country (or in Cobourg). Right now I'm feeling like the GH's EP is the musical equivalent of Tim Riggins (from Friday Night Lights). I'm also feeling like there are approx. 3 people who read this who are going to appreciate the Tim Riggins comparison... anyways... I'm adding this band to the list of smaller Canadian bands that I cheerlead for, which includes, but is not limited to: Black Hat Brigade, The Golden Hands Before God, Ketch Harbour Wolves, Rah Rah, Ohbijou, Sunparlour Players, etc. So, expect to hear more about them from me in the future.

Apologies for not having any mp3s, but my computer is completely F'd.

If you're interested in hearing them go visit their myspace. You can steam their EP in its entirety there.

Gentlemen Husbands

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ack said...

Two random thoughts... when herohill was based in Toronto, we had our annual retreat in Cobourg.

Also.. if the Gentleman Husband's were Riggins, would they show up or open for Landry's Christian speed metal band?