Saturday, March 7, 2009

The (belated) Best of February

The Best on TV: 24
I watched the first two seasons of 24 in approximately a week (a couple of years after they aired on TV) - bear in mind there are 24, 40min episodes - and was absolutely hooked. Then, I went through a phase where I got sick of the twist, after twist, after twist, etc. format, the fact that Jack Bauer only whispers or yells, and got off it after the end of S4(?).

After Mark wrote about the 24 movie I watched it, and fell back in love with the Jack Bauer Power Hour. I've learned to just appreciate it for what it is, an action-packed-ass-kick fest, and, honestly, since FNL ended (on DirectTV at least) this is the show that I most look forward to each week...

Best Movie: Fired Up!
... yeah, yuk it up... you snobs! I think a good comparison that someone suggested to me was American Pie meets Bring it On!... just go rent (download) it and tell me I'm wrong.

Best Live Set: Adele Diane
(As documented here) which was a little bit of a surprise, but I think she had a voice comparable to Jenny Lewis or Neko Case.... I still need to get my hands on her new album.

Best News Story:
I had written something about how Stephen Harper looked like a 14 yr old girl who had just seen Zach Efron when he was doing his Ottawa press conference with Barack Obama, but Shaq calling Chris Bosh a transvestite is WAY funnier (thanks Andrew)...

Best Book
Slam by Nick Hornby, which wasn't near as good as anything I read in January, but, whatever.

Best Album
I feel like its been a little bit of a weak month, which may have nothing to do with the actual music put out and more to do with the fact that I just hate winter. March, I understand, from various news reports, will be much warmer. This is a good thing.

At any rate, maybe because its fresh in my mind but I'm going to go with Gentlemen Husbands' Something Along the Lines of 'A Lesson in Unprofessionalism'....

Best Song
The acoustic version of Metric's "Help I'm Alive"


Hal Incandenza said...

Just noticed the new quote above the blog's description: awesome.

Where might one find this acoustic version of the Metric single?

Brian said...

Found it here:

Brian said...

make that: