Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Best of March

Best Movie:
I Love You, Man... maybe its cause Liz and I just saw it last night, and its the one that I can remember most clearly, but it was really funny. Highly recommended, especially if you've got somebody you wanna take out (like on a date).

Most annoying thing that happened
: I got a couple of e-mail taking posts down because I posted photos that apparently, I don't have the rights to. I don't want to take away people's livelihood, but I don't think me posting the album art for Neko Case's newest album is doing anyone any harm. So, from now on I'll be creating my own artwork to go with those posts... like this:

... hope you're happy Neko.

Best Book: I realize I gave all the books I read (The Last Season, The Sunset Limited, The Education of a Coach, and Downtown Owl... 4!) this month different grades, but I'm going to override those grades and proclaim it a four way tie. Each book was good in a different sort of way, but none of them really knocked me on my ass the way The Road did, or pained me the way The Last Shot did.

Best on TV: Chuck... that could just be because Liz is so into it, but its the one show that's become appointment TV at our house. Although, the appearance of Stringer Bell on the Office was almost good enough to push it over the top...

Best Album: I loved Chris Whitley (its not exactly new, but, whatever), but the combination of Suf and some of the best rappers around remixed by Tor into Illinoize (available for free) is a virtual lock for a spot in my top albums '09.

Best Single: ... should be no surprise...
[mp3] The Tallest Man/I Like It ft. Grand Puba


Bobby B said...

I think your Neko artwork is awesome! Such detail :)

Allan said...

Impressive work on the album art. More interesting.

You may want to consider a move to wordpress if you're hampered with takedown notices/deletion of posts (which music bloggers have been bothered by).

Sean Wraight said...

ROB, You are a true artist my friend. You really captured Neko with that one?

So what did they take offence too anyway? That's just crazy to me.

Thanks so much for the info on the Sufjan download. Despite being a little underwhelmed by this concept of late this one offers true originality. It also sounds great. Excellent, excellent find!