Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Hayden. New Album. In Field & Town. Jan. 15. 2008.

I was going to wait on posting this, but frankly, I'm too gosh darn excited. As the title suggests Hayden's new album In Field & Town is going to be released January 15, 2008 and a Canadian tour will follow with dates starting in Hamilton on the 16th.

His myspace page has a track from the new album titled 'Where and When', which makes it sound like the newest album might be a little more upbeat, or, at least not contain any songs about being mauled by a bear. Tour dates for the Canadian Tour are up on myspace, and my suggestion is that if you're going to try and get tickets to the Toronto show Feb. 19th, you do so as soon as they're available.

For Londoners, he'll be at Aeolian Hall on Jan. 26th, which I think is a terrific venue for him. My money is on Basia Bulat (recently adopted by Hayden's Hardwood Records) as the opener.

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