Thursday, November 1, 2007

Thursday Bullets: 'Getting Laid is my forte... '

Before I mention anything else, its a great week for shows in and around London. Some bands that I can recommend strongly seeing include: Dragonette, The Most Serene Republic, Joel Plaskett Emergency (especially if you're partial to stuff that feels like the Tragically Hip), Amos the Transparent, and The Weakerthans. I have the dates posted for London, but I've linked to each of these bands myspace where show dates are available, and chances are if they're coming to London - their probably going to be at where you live.

  • The soundtrack for I'm Not There gets an 8.0 on Pitchfork, which means the whole thing is probably as good as the tracks they have up on myspace.
Lastly, the Raps won last night, which is good. Sam Mitchell proved that he cannot manage a game or call a time when he his team is in the middle of blowing a 20 point lead, which is bad. All in all I'm excited for the game on Sunday, which if I haven't mentioned to you individually, I will be attending.

Hopefully posts on Malajube (maybe), and Hayden at the beginning of the week.

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