Tuesday, November 20, 2007

"I declare BANKRUPTCY!!!" ... some thoughts on a few TV shows

1/The Office - The Office, in my opinion, has been the best show on network TV over the last couple of years, but I was horribly, horribly, worried that the Pam and Jim getting together storyline would absolutely destroy the show. Well, turns out it hasn't, and has actually provided some hilarious moments for the show: Kevin and Oscar debating whether or not they've gotten together, their first night away to Shrute farms, and most recently Kelly's smack talk ('it's happening right now') vs. Pam. Since the end of the third season the show has developed a pile of other really interesting storylines: Ryan becoming an A-Hole, the Dwight-Angela-Andy love triangle, Michael and Jan's financial problems, etc. so it looks like they don't have to keep producing shows centering around Pam and Jim exclusively. It looks like its going to continue to be the one show on TV that I never miss, and always make sure that I'm up on. Oh and kudos to the girl who created the Finer Things Club on Facebook.

2/ Kid Nation - I've been watching this every week now based on my buddy Kyle's recommendation on his blog, that he found it 'strangely compelling' or something, and I really like it also. It kind of reminds me of working at the John Hatch Sports Camp through high school with slightly less crying and kids confessing how much they miss their family and want to go home. At first I was taken aback, normally I like reality TV because I like watching stupid people cry (see: every season of the Bachelor). But, since the show is composed of exclusively kids, hence 'Kid Nation' when I saw them cry, it wasn't much fun. After I got past the fact that watching kids cry isn't fun, the show was, in fact, 'strangely compelling' I think mostly because of the sheer honesty of the kids in Bonanza city i.e. they aren't as conscious of their appearance as adults, there's no passive aggressive comments, backstabbing, etc. Also, I'm looking forward to Kyle's running dairy from the season finale ... (Wasko, if you're reading this... you promised. This is also the part in my post where I pressure Kyle into fulfilling my request to watch the finale together so that we can relive watching the Bachelor re-runs in Korea after Tuesday Night Football.)

Another sidebar, I love how the host of the show raises his arms in triumph after the kids successfully do anything. Something I'm thinking about integrating into my daily life.

3/ Pushing Daisies - I tried watching a couple of episodes of Wonderfalls (also created by Brian Fuller), but could never really get into it. I think because I couldn't really identify with the main character (a teenage girl - she was no Buffy or Veronica Mars), and the premise of the show (her talking to figurines). So, at this point I've got through three episodes of PD now, and I've come to the conclusion that I like it significantly better because:

i) the production value is significantly better;

ii) Ned (the main character), while bland, is surrounded by two really likable supporting characters 'Chuck' and 'Emerson Cod' - I love Chi McBride in this role;

iii) I've come to the conclusion that all things are better with narration - see Ron Howard - Arrested Development, Daniel Stern - The Wonder Years;


Jesse said...

I think you owe it to your readers to actually watch Wonderfalls. Jay was a fantastic character, who I think actually had more depth than V-Mars (who was, now that I think about it, really more snark than substance).

I can lend you the DVDs.

Liz said...

I think you also owe it to your readers to further recognize the wonder of 'Keys to the VIP.' It belongs here.