Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Craft Economy ... Is On Your Side EP/EP Release/w/Whale Tooth & Provincial Parks

The Craft Economy... Is On Your Side EP is fun, energetic, and reminds me like some type of cross between Stars and the Go! Team. For me, because its a little more energetic than want when I'm, say, sitting around reading my mystery stories and whatnot it hasn't been getting a tonne of play. That could just be because I'm no fun. However, the last (and only time) I went to see a band like this (Woodhands) I had an awesome time, so, I'm expecting to have fun on Thursday night.

However, before tCE Thursday night, one band that I'm very interested in seeing: Provincial Parks, who released their debut (under the new name - they were formerly called 'Howl') Iron Ponies EP, which I quite enjoyed; and another that I know nothing about, but I'm curious to see: Whale Tooth are going on.


Oh, and if you don't have anything going on tonight you should check out Still Life Still, The Rural Alberta Advantage, and Rudely Interrupted @ Sneaky Dee's, or, if you want to be difficult, the rest of Jen's listings for something else.


Quadb said...

Unfortunately I probably won't be there on Thursday night, but you're gonna love Craft Economy. One of the mostest funnest (and funniest) bands in the city.

Sean Wraight said...

Terrific idea on posting the lists ROB! Thanks for the invitation to participate. Highly enjoyable and really terrific to see such a diverse array of listings.

I know I'll be looking for some new things at the record store Boxing Day sales this year.