Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Just a little bit of stuff to keep you all posted on.

1. The "Best ____ of '08" thing has gone just about as good as I ever could have hoped. Because of the number of submissions (and the length of a couple - you know who you are) I've divided it into 3 posts: friends, bloggers, and bands (those of you who may, or may not, fall into more than one category I suppose you'll know where you stand with me at the beginning of next week - hah!).

I'm going to hold off putting this up until Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday next week, so, if you want to get something in (londononburgeoningmetropolisATgmailDOTcom), please do; as I said before, the more the merrier. If you've got any questions, go here. It is not too late to submit a list. Liz I'm looking at you.

2. Jamario Moon should never shoot a basketball ever again. I'm not saying I'm any better, but nothing good ever happens when he shoots the ball.

3. men who look like old lesbians is the new hot chicks with douche bags.

4. If I have any energy at all (I plan on leaving the Batcave both Thursday and Friday) on Saturday the line-up at "Delaware House" (340 Delaware Ave.) - which, may or may not be the home of the guys from Provincial Parks - looks interesting and includes 4 bands I've never heard of: Maylee Todd, Bellewoods, Proof of Ghosts, and The Cheap Speakers... which is cool because I like new music and they all sound interesting via myspace... thus making the line-up.... interesting... and, if nothing else, its likely going to be more pleseant that watching the Raptors lose by 15 to the Spurs.

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historyjen said...

Yes, go to Delaware House... which is their shed thing. Maylee Todd is from Henri & the Adorables... she was playing keyboard I think, beside Laura Barrett. Bellewoods is one of Tyler's FAVOURITE bands. Folky awesomeness. The Cheap Speakers are an indie pop rock act, but it'd be neat to see what they got up their sleeve for an acoustic show, and who they got in their lineup these days. Proof of Ghosts is a great band! If it's just two of them (Steve and Julie) you will love them, and if there's more you will love them too. I would totally go to this show but I gotta see the D'Urbervilles that night.