Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Golden Hands Before God @ Rancho Relaxo. Dec. 20. 2008

Despite my impulse to avoid Snow-Maggedon II: Electric Boogaloo (as an aside - I'd love to meet the person who coined the phrase "Snow-Maggedon") to stay at home and re-watch old episodes of the Office with my sister, Allie (who is one of my favourite sisters), we (I) decided that going to see some Rock 'n' Roll would be better than spending 8 hours straight in front of the TV.

I'm not even sure what to say about the Golden Hands Before God (Conducts the Incredible Magic Band & The Spirits)... they started off by each introducing themselves and their backing band, which I thought was very clever, and then proceeded to put on the greatest Rock 'n' Roll show I have ever seen.

I actually kind of felt like the kid journalist (for the record I'm 26) in Almost Famous, like I had stepped into a world that I just didn't belong (see photos below) ... sweat-soaked shoulder length hair, open shirts, shots of whiskey on stage, jumping off things, jumping onto things, cursing, etc. etc. For me, they kind of embody some type of real-life, probably 'R' rated version of Stillwater - in Almost Famous - at the beginning... not when they get self-centred and petty.

I guess what I mean by that is that they play Rock 'n' Roll like they don't give a fuck, they're there to have a good time, make sure that everyone has a good time... just go see them if you get the chance.

[wav] The Golden Hands Before God "Girl Half My Age" (live at Rancho Relaxo)

... I couldn't leave without saying that seeing them live has given their Here EP new meaning for me (as often seeing a band live does, I think), which was terrific in the first place...

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historyjen said...

What a fantastic set. It was pretty unbelievable! Great band, with amazing on-stage presence.