Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sunparlour Players @ the Dakota Tavern - Dec. 6, 2008

Rob shows Liz photos from the concert last night.
Liz: Did you ever watch that TV show "Breaker High"?
Rob: (pause... thinking) ... what if I say yes?
Liz: Uhh... nothing... I just thought that guy (lead singer of the SPP Andrew Penner) looks a lot like Jimmy...
Rob: OMG Yes!

I'd never been to the Dakota Tavern before, and, I've gotta say, it was a little like going to a concert in my Grandmother's basement... the wood paneling on the walls, the bizarre paintings with the extravagant frames, and the furniture that looks like it was made by, well, where ever people used to shop before there was Ikea. At any rate, it was just about a perfect - albeit small based on the number of people that want to see the SPP - venue for what has to be one of my favourite bands.

As for the show itself - I just hung in there for the first (of two) set - mostly because they got going late, and if I had stayed any later I would've missed the TTC home. What I did get to hear was a lot of new stuff, which - from what I understand - should be recorded later this month for an album next year. So, really looking forward to what should be a stellar new record in '09.

Those who are familiar with the SPP may have heard their cover of AC/DC's "Thunderstruck"... and while I didn't see that, the highlight of the night had to be another cover, Phil Collins' "In the Air Tonight" - you know, the song with the drumming gorilla - which led into their own, "John had a Bell and a Whistle".

Oh, and to Rosie, B, or Scott, if you mention how much I had to drink I will throw a dodgeball at your head on Tuesday.


Jesse said...

Can we call you FP then? Or 4P? Or cuatro pinta?

historyjen said...

Glad you went! I stayed in and worked Sat night. For realz.