Monday, December 1, 2008

A Guide to the Best _____ of ’08: FAQ

Who can particpate?
Everyone. If you are a reader, friend, blogger, artist, label rep., whatever; all contributions are welcome. Please, tell your friends… all submissions are welcome. Ideally, I’d like to get a really diverse group of lists…

What should I contribute?
Your Best _____ of ’08 (a top 5 list).

What should go in the ______?
Anything. Some suggestions might be: albums/ songs/videos/albums in a particular genre/live shows/live shows you wished you were at/bands you think were under appreciated/bands you thought were over appreciated/disappointments/etc… you should feel free to be creative.

What format should I follow?
Don’t feel as though you need to follow a particular format, feel free to rank things/leave things un-ranked/categorized/uncategorized... Please do include your name, city, and any hyperlink with whatever you're involved in and I’ll copy and paste your list in; so, if you want people to think that you’re illiterate, or, that you think you spell ‘your’-‘ur’-then feel free not to edit.

How long should it be?
Well, here’s the thing, the more submissions I receive the better, but the longer the post (or, theoretically, series of posts) will get. So, if you’re willing to write it, then I’m willing to post it.

When should I submit my list?
I’m hoping that I’ll compile this thing next weekend, so please try and get your lists in to me by Friday… just keep me posted on how you’re doing, if you really want to participate, but can’t get something to me until the weekend – because you like, have a life or a job or something – then I may be able to hold off…

Where should I submit it?
Please e-mail it to me at:

Thanks to those who have already sent theirs in...

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