Monday, May 4, 2009

Best Songs of '09 ... the First Trimester: A to H

At the end of last year I cleared my computer of all my "2008" music and decided to start my computer with a blank slate for 2009. So, what I've compiled here is more of a "Best Songs That Have Landed On My Computer '09" rather than, a "Best Songs (so far) of '09", but, by 'n' large, these are songs are 2009 releases (since I'm cool like that).

I think the most interesting part of transcribing this list (collecting the myspace urls and the iTunes deets) was how much great CanCon, in particular TronCon. For a couple of years I felt like any great Canadian music that I came across was inevitably from Montreal, but I feel like, at this point, Toronto has to the mecca of Canadian music right now. Maybe I'm in love with the city's music scene, or maybe, as Liz has suggested before, its just lust... anyhow... you might also be interested to note that the only cities that have multiple bands that show up on my list are: Toronto, Montreal, and ... Glasgow... huh, go figure...

Lastly, you might be interested to learn that once the second half of this list (I to Zed) is posted tomorrow I'm going to try to create some type of playlist or zip file that I can email out (for those interested in hearing the whole deal).

*Note: to download click on the song title - the band name will take you to the artists myspace page. And for those who are interested I'm trying to figure out how to make some type of zip file or playlist that I can email out*

So, without further ado, my favourite songs (titled A through H), I through Zed tomorrow....
[mp3] Big Black Bird Blitzen Trapper (Portland, OR) Live at the Horseshoe
  • Blood Bank Bon Iver (Wisconsin) Blood Bank EP
  • Brooklyn Go Hard Jay-Z ft. Santogold/Faith Evans Notorious OST
  • Charlies Back! The Liptonians (Winnipeg, MNTBA) The Liptonians
  • Cocaine Justis (Toronto, On) Justis
  • Coughing Blood The Rest (Hamilton, On) Everyone All At Once
  • Darling, the Wolves The Parkas (Toronton, On) The Scars to Prove It
[mp3] Demon Host Timber Timbre (Toronto, On) Timber Timbre[mp3] Hurt Feelings Flight on the Conchords (Wellington, NZ) Live at Massey Hall

[mp3] Help I'm Alive Metric (Toronto, On) Fantasies

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Paul said...

Nice selection!

If you want I can zip these up for you and host the file on my server (not like it's being used for a lot of blogging on my end right now anyway)...let me know!