Friday, May 1, 2009

Let's Book Club: Then We Came To The End: A Novel by Joshua Ferris

So, wherever I read this book was like The Office was completely wrong. I mean, its set in an office, so that's kind of the same. But the comparison would be like saying Titanic and, say, Master and Commander were the same (hint: they both have boats).

The book is about the group of people who work in a failing Chicago advertising firm (its also like MadMen!), the rumour mill within the office, and the slow and steady collapse of the aforementioned ad firm. It took me roughly 200 pgs, which is a lot I realize, but once I got familiar with the ensemble cast I really began to enjoy the book. In fact, I think I read the last half of the book about twice as fast as I read the first half.

Grade: B+

: Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut, which was inspired by me missing a trivia question in last weekend's Toronto Star...

1. The Inner Game of Tennis | Timothy Gallwey (134 pages) | A
2. The Last Shot | Darcy Frey (240 pages) | A+
3. The Road | Cormac McCarthy (287 pages) | A+
4. Outliers | Malcolm Gladwell (299 pages) | C+
5. The Last Season | Phil Jackson (304 pages) | B-
The Sunset Limited | Cormac McCarthy (160 pages)| B-
7. The Education of a Coach | David Halberstam (288 pages)| B+
8. Downtown Owl | Chuck Klosterman | (288 pages)| B

9. Can I Keep My Jersey?| Paul Shirley| (336 pages)|C-
10. Then We Came to The End| Joshua Ferris| (416 pages)|B+

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