Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mr. G's Song of the Week "Faerie Dance"

I tried to avoid choosing "Faerie Dance" by Montreal-based Plants and Animals for this installment of Song of the Week. I really did. I told myself that I should try to pick a song off an album that is more recent than the 2008 Polaris Prize-nominated "Parc Avenue," which came out over a year ago. Come on, Mr. G, there must be something more recent that warrants a shout-out in this blog column. You want your readers (I know you're out there) to think you're hip and with it. But try as I might, I simply could not escape the unadulterated epicness encapsulated in this grandiose track.

I found myself listening to it constantly. Found myself humming, as I walked down the street, the various melodies that make up the three distinct parts of the song: the sweet and soft beginning... the heavy, dark, and rhythmic meat of the song sandwich... and finally, the tasty "lalala" sing-along that sits in your brain for days and escapes from your lips with such regularity that your friends and loved ones have no choice but to ask you to kindly shut up.

Lastly, I found myself rocking out to "Faerie Dance" live at The Mod Club this past Thursday night as Plants and Animals performed to a packed house. As my head bobbed back and forth and my shoulders shimmied in distinct Mr. G fashion, it became clear to me that this song is as relevant and beautiful as ever. It's one of those musical masterpieces that you'll listen to 10, maybe 20 years down the road and find yourself dancing to with the same energy and enthusiasm that you did in your former youthful state. I'm thrilled to hear what this three-piece band has in store for us on their upcoming full-length release, but until that time comes, "Faerie Dance" should tide us all over just fine.

[mp3] Plants and Animals - Faerie Dance (live @ the Mod Club)

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