Thursday, May 7, 2009

Pick of the Week #18: The Liptonians

The best thing about this (or that, depending on where you're reading this... not that these other sites aren't good) here blog is that people send me music (for free!), which incidentally is also the worst thing about this (not that) blog. As I discussed with Jonathan of Ketch Harbour Wolves, this internet thing has allowed just about everyone and their grandmother to make their music available, and as you may have guessed not all of them are good (but a good number of them get sent to me!). But, thankfully, one in every, I don't know, hundred is like the Liptonians: pretty awesome.

Why do I like the Liptonians? Well, because they sound like Ben Folds. Not shitty I'm-a-dad-and-I-write-about-my-kids Ben Folds, but awesome I-write-fun-songs-about-interesting-people Ben Folds. So, Ben Folds circa Ben Folds Five, Rockin' the Suburbs, Ben Folds Live (although after bagging on Ben Folds, his latest a capella project looks pretty kick ass).

Their energy is apparent from the beginning of the album with "Charlie's Back!", which I was expecting to be eeriely similar to "Stephen's Last Night in Town", but is actually more a pleasant story about someone coming back - rather than a friend outstaying their welcome. This kind of difference b/w CB! and SLNiT kind of exemplifies the core difference between Ben Folds and the Liptonians. Where Ben Folds tends to be a little edgier, more sarcasitic, and more bent out of shape about the world; the Liptonians tend to be more laid back, more at ease, and just more generally well adjusted.

And, although you're probably all sick of me closing just about every pick of the week by saying that the album I've just reviewed is probably going to be a top-10er at the end of the year, here's what The Liptonians have got going for them:
  • A killer single in "Charlie's Back"
  • An album with no weak spots and no songs that I skip over
  • I find more to like each time I listen to it
  • It was a complete surprise
  • And, the chance that I'll probably catch them live once, maybe twice in the next week (they're playing Rancho Relaxo, Thursday May 7; and the Black Shire Pub in London Saturday the 9th), which usually helps.
  • A bunch of dates coming up across Canada.
  • A tour blog, which, should be viewed if you (according to Matt in the band) are: "bored and want to watch harry guys setting up tents"... SOLD!
[mp3] The Liptonians - Charlie's Back!
[mp3] The Liptonians - Twenty Dollars

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