Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The 'Nard Dogg would be so proud... Ben Folds A Capellas

Initially I planned on waiting for a dry spell to post these videos, but they are just to good to sit on...

They're all video solicited by the once great, now firmly in the Dave Matthews Zone where it wouldn't be a surprise if he put out an album of songs he has sung in the shower, Ben Folds, who is releasing Ben Folds Presents University A Capella. Andy Bernard would be so proud...

"Kate" by Belmont University's Jazzmin

"Stephen's Last Night in Town" by NYU Law's Substantial Performance

"Army" by the University of Washington Stereotypes (who coincidentally do an awesome version of Katy Perry's "I Kissed A Girl")

"Still Fighting It" by Washington University (St. Louis) Mosiac Whispers

"Annie Waits" by Webster Groves High School"A-Men"

"Landed" by the Yale Spizzwinks

"Song for the Dumped" by Swathmore College's Sixteen Feet

and this is just TOO good to avoid...
JT's "My Love" by UNC's Clef Hangers


Jesse said...

Easily, EASILY the best post you've ever done.

This is an important contribution to the world.

Question Mark said...

Outstanding stuff! It makes me want to start an acapella group of my own. Rob, you interested?