Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Clichés of Paris

I couldn't think of a title that didn't include 'Bonjour/Bonsoir/Baguette/Eiffel Tower' and so have decided to forgo the sorts of clichés that might get us off on the wrong foot (ie by giving the impression that Paris, France may outshine Paris, Ontario for instance, especially, say, by having universal cultural references).

To give you an idea of why I live here despite the surly people, the bad weather (though I should talk), the crowded and often pungent metros, and everyone speaking a language that I don't understand (despite the odd moment, usually alcohol induced, when I think otherwise), here is a photo that was taken (not by me) very very close to where I live.

There are also a few perks about being a cute girl in this city (sorry Rob, that won't help if you ever come to visit) which include but are not limited to random encounters and the odd free coffee. For me, this has meant becoming friends in the most roundabout way possible with the General Director of my favourite and the coolest venue in the city. I shall do more plugging later, but what this means for you fine people is lots of great bands that I get to see and will now be able to tell you about.

Isn't Paris great!?!?

To finish off I'd like to fully embrace this post's title and leave you with the kitchiest French song I can think of (Two things: one-can you pick out the mistakes in translation, two-I LOVE that this is not shot at all in Paris but apparently in Dallas' gay district).

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