Friday, January 25, 2008

NBA All-Stars

The NBA announced the starters for its all-star teams.... yesterday? All done by fan voting, and, with a couple of exceptions, I think all is right with the world. My one gripe is that this fan voting (perhaps like all 'elections', really) that names tend to overshadow data, both qualitative and quantitative. In my mind, the all-stars I have selectioned below, have pushed their teams to be better than were expected to be. So, by that criteria, anyone playing on the Heat, Bulls, or Rockets is pretty much eliminated (with one exception) by virtue of having disastrously underperformed. So, to decide who made the team, or missed the cut, basically I asked myself if I was a GM who I would pick based on their performance this year and their history (whether they looked like this was a one shot deal, or, it was the beginning of an upward trend). Things like character, toughness, competitiveness, were all big factors in my decisions rather than just raw numbers, i.e. I'm not just picking all-stars based on their Player Efficiency Rating like John Hollinger. At the end of the day if I'm picking my team, I want good guys who are 'winners' I don't necessarily need everyone to be able to put up 40 points a game, although it doesn't hurt to have a few of those guys (see the Spurs and Blazers formula).

That said, Caron 'tough juice' Butler (best nickname in the NBA) has been carrying the Wiz after Arenas went down (maybe that's just b/c its a contract year), has got to bump Dwayne 'we've lost 14 games in a row and I don't look like I care because I'm living in Miami' Wade. Also, Jason Kidd, has been very disappointing, shown little if no leadership, and, just looks like he wants to leave. Meanwhile, Jose Calderon has been playing the point more efficiently than anyone else in the NBA with only one reliable scoring option (Bosh).

Eastern Conference:
C - Dwight Howard, Orlando Magic
F - Kevin Garnett, Boston Celtics
F - LeBron James. Cleveland Cavaliers
G - Caron Butler, Washington Wizards
G - Jose Calderon, Toronto Raptors
F - Chris Bosh, Toronto Raptors
F - Al Horford, Atlanta Hawks
F - Paul Pierce, Boston Celtics
G - Chauncey Billups, Detroit Pistons
G - Rip Hamilton, Detroit Pistons
Token Rookies
F - Glen 'Big Baby' Davis, Boston Celtics
F - Joakim Noah, Chicago Bulls

Western Conference:
C/F - Tim Duncan, San Antonio Spurs
F - Carlos Boozer, Utah Jazz
F - Brandon Roy, Portland Trail Blazers
G - Kobe Bryant, LA Lakers
G - Chris Paul, New Orleans Hornets
F - Dirk Nowitzki, Dallas Mavericks
F - Andrew Bynum, LA Lakers
F - Carmelo Anthony, Denver Nuggets
G - Stephen Jackson, Golden State Warriors
G - Steve Nash, Phoenix Suns
Token Rookie
G - Kevin Durant, Oklahoma Cowboys

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