Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tuesday Bullets

  • I saw Mariposa on Saturday at the Alex P. Keaton. No pictures or video since I didn't trust myself with the camera after a few drinks. Having only heard the songs on their myspace before seeing them, I was a little disappointed with the show - if only because of the absence of the keyboard, which I think speaks to the strength of their new myspace stuff, where the vocals aren't over powered by the guitars (like they were live). That said, I was intrigued enough to buy both of their EPs for $5 each, and it seems like they're starting to 'find their sound' and improve on each effort. Again, I think they're best stuff (in general, and for a night with a nice merlot) is on myspace, so I'll encourage you to visit them there at: http://www.myspace.com/mariposawilleatyou.
  • Congratulations to Andy Roddick on producing my favourite moment of the Australian Open so far.

If Andy's wondering why he isn't winning major (let alone Grand Slam) tournaments any more he need not look any further. Last time I checked I never saw Pete Sampras, Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, act like a petulant child when something didn't go their way. Ugh. Moving On.

  • Good News! Jen, through my buddy Rosie, is going to be joining the London On: Burgeoning Metropolis team (me), via Paris (France, not Ontario). She can correct me if I'm wrong, but right now she is writing for both the Paris Voice and the Club Collective. So, hopefully things will be a little more active, trendy, cultured (this doesn't mean that I'm giving up American Gladiators),and, grammatically correct around here.